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Dear guests, please notice that our little shop is closed from the 20st to the 22nd of October 2019. Please contact us via email to make reservations before and after the closing days and thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Green Bamboo Massage Philosophy: Your natural way to healthcertificate

Certified – Organic – Fair


Founded in 2009, Green Bamboo Massage is a unique, family-run center to keep the Lanna Thai Massage tradition, a hundreds of years old treasure of northern Thai Culture. Since ancient times until today, the Thai people kept and developed this treasure.
As far as we know, Green Bamboo Massage is the first studio in Chiang Mai, that is based at an eco-friendly and fair concept.

We are certified by the Thai Ministry of Public Health since 2013.

The Massage Therapists in Green Bamboo Massage are certified, highly trained and experienced in the arts of ancient Traditional Thai Massage, for your benefit and for your safety.


The cosmetics we use are natural or organic, mostly homemade. During the years, we even developed
and created our own natural Aloe Vera Oil, another unique Green Bamboo Massage treasure, rich with
minerals and vitamins, hardly to find anywhere else.


You can choose from a great variety of high value treatments and packages, performed by
highly trained Traditional Thai Massage Therapists, for very fair prices. Since 2009 we are
popular for our fair price policy.

Family and team members working in green Bamboo Massage receive fair work-conditions
and are the heart of Green Bamboo Massage.

When visiting us, you support the community, because we make another difference to
common studios and spas, we take responsibility for you, for our team, for the social community
and the nature around us.
The materials we use for the interiors come from local areas around Chiang Mai.
The equipment, like sheets, pillows and bowls, are produced from family-run businesses in and
around Chiang Mai.

We invite you to discover the true Lanna Thai Massage Tradition in our unique and
cozy Green Bamboo Massage Studio. Come and discover the difference.