Ms. Mesa, Founder and owner of the “Green Bamboo Massage – Chiang Mai”  is an expert in the Art of Traditional Thai Massage.Her studies begun more than five years ago and since then she had –and still has- several masters and teachers, who guided and guide her on the way.
Before Mesa opened her own studio, the “Green Bamboo Massage - Chiang Mai” in October 2009 she worked as a Thai Massage Therapist in several massage studios , in healing orientated massage centers and in high class spas.

The Green Bamboo Massage is, as far as we know, the first studio in Chiang Mai, wich is based on an ecofriendly and sustainable concept.

Beside the Art of Traditional Thai Massage, Mesa has a solid knowledge about the effects of Thai herbs, fruits, teas and oils. She loves to practice Yoga and especially Thai Yoga, because she believes this is a strong fundament for her art.

Before we opened the cosy studio in October 2009 we had a clear concept in our mind:.
“Connect Traditional Thai Massage with a green philosophy. Bring eastern wisdom and western knowledge together”. We want to take responsibility for the community and the nature around us.

So the theoretical basement of The Green Bamboo is just “stay as natural as possible, even if it is much harder to make an effort” and give high quality treatments for fair and affordable prices. That`s how we found the three strong keystones: Certified – Organic - Fair.
As a logical consequence, we started to test and create our own massage oils. We started to find out where we could get organic cosmetics and organic products to clean clothes and rooms.” 

The materials we used for the interiors come from local areas around Chiang Mai. The equipment, like sheets, pillows, bowls,…, are only produced from family run businesses in and around Chiang Mai. We did not want to buy cheap mass manufactured materials, wich make our profit higher, but at the end harm the community.

The house we have chosen is a wooden house. Entrance, rooms and shower are made from natural and sustainable materials, mostly from bamboo. It was a lot of work to find what we wanted and to make it how we thought it should be. We hope you will say “It was worth it” when you see and feel the result.  
Even now, when we plan a new step, it has to be like the bamboo, natural, soft and strong in the same time. If it passes this test, the result will be good.

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